Valoriser et épauler les proches aidants, ces alliés incontournables pour un Québec équitable.

National Support Strategy for Caregivers

Based on twenty years of experience and the expertise of its 85 members, the RANQ has developed a national strategy to support caregivers, titled Empower and support caregivers, these indispensable allies for a fair province.

This strategy aims to reach out to the government, policy makers and the various actors providing services to caregivers for the creation of an interdepartmental committee. In collaboration with community organizations related to caregivers, the objective is to establish the operational and financial parameters of a national support strategy for caregivers. This committee must be based on an inclusive vision of caregivers, which means that it should take into consideration all situations and conditions of persons being cared for (caregivers for adults or children with disabilities or major illnesses, caregivers for senior citizens, etc.). The committee should also be based on the following five approaches:

  1. The free, informed and revocable choice to be a caregiver
  2. The recognition of the expertise of caregivers
  3. The comprehensive, systematic, ongoing and discrete assessment of the needs of caregivers to provide appropriate and ongoing services
  4. The fight against caregivers’ impoverishment
  5. The knowledge development of organizations for caregivers and support of their expertise and leadership

Such a strategy is beneficial for the caregivers, as for the people they help and the society that supports them. In our opinion, being a caregiver is an extra role; caregivers have the right not to take on the full responsibility to provide the care and services needed to the person being helped and handle their effects.

To download the national strategy

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