Valoriser et épauler les proches aidants, ces alliés incontournables pour un Québec équitable.
The impact of the pandemic on informal caregivers

For the RANQ, the observation is clear: informal caregivers quickly need better financial support, more adequate accompaniment, and more support in order to alleviate their physical and mental exhaustion

[Press release] COVID-19: Caregivers are Running on Empty at Home

Caregivers who live under the same roof with the person they care for, whether it be an elderly person, an adult or a child who is sick or has a disability, find the current confinement situation extremely hard. In order to allow caregivers to focus on patients afflicted with the Corona virus, many respite services that they were able to reach out to up until recently are now suspended: non-essential therapeutic services, day centers and respite activities are all canceled

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Community organizations offer respite services and support, to help and assist you on a daily basis

National Support Strategy for Caregivers Based on twenty years of experience and the expertise of its 102 members, the RANQ has developed a national strategy to support caregivers, titled Empower and support caregivers, these indispensable allies for a fair province. This strategy aims to reach out to the government, policy makers and the various actors […]

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Awareness of the population

Promote the rights of caregivers

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