Valoriser et épauler les proches aidants, ces alliés incontournables pour un Québec équitable.

About us

Created in 2000, the Regroupement des Aidants Naturels du Quebec (RANQ) has 85 members and represents more than 21,000 caregivers throughout Quebec. The RANQ brings together local and regional associations, groups and organizations that work towards improving the life conditions of caregivers. The RANQ has a national scope

A propos


The RANQ’s mission is to improve the quality of life of caregivers in the province of Quebec by protecting their rights and interests, as well as those of the community organizations that support them.

  • Raise the awareness of the general population and government authorities regarding the life and needs of caregivers in Quebec.
  • Prepare recommendation documents to submit to government institutions (briefs, parliamentary hearings, etc.)
  • Provide support and facilitate communication between member organizations.
  • Promote the interests of caregivers in Quebec


Local associations supporting caregivers started organizing themselves in the 1990s. Pioneer groups include the ones from Lotbinière (Chaudière-Appalaches), St-Hubert (Montérégie) and Montreal (Regroupement des aidantes et aidants naturels de Montréal (RAANM)).

The Regroupement des Aidants Naturels du Quebec (RANQ) was then created on May 9, 2000. The founding members belonged to the Mauricie, Montréal and Granby associations. The association took shape when local group members felt the need to join their voice to defend the rights and interests of caregivers and the organizations that support them.